Black Woman Realizes Her Mom Has Finally Become One of Her ‘Little Friends on the Street’

After a recent trip back home to visit her parents, 26-year-old Rasheeda Kinley was struck by the realization that her mom has indeed become one of her little friends on the street.


“I never thought this would happen,” said Rasheeda. “But while we were getting pedicures and chatting about our lives, it became clear. Seventh-grade me would be shook.”


Rasheeda went on to explain how she came to this conclusion.


“My mom spent decades shouting at me if I talked back to her, demanding I show her respect because she was my mother and not ‘one of those fast girls I went to school with,’” said Rasheeda. “But as I’ve gotten older, our relationship has changed. We go to lunch and talk about my crushes, we laugh over drinks. She’s even been known to roll me a joint.”


“It took a minute to get used to the idea, but those are all undeniably things I did with my little friends on the street, too,” she added.


Rasheeda’s mother, Wanda Kinley, is taken aback by her daughter’s realization.


“I’ve been trying to come to terms with it all,” said Wanda. “But Rasheeda has gotten to the age where she’s graduated college, started her own career, and made a life for herself. I’ll always be her mother, but I’m excited for our next chapter where I get to be her friend, too.”


“She better still keep my damn front door closed when she comes to visit, though,” Wanda added. “I ain’t air-conditioning the whole neighborhood.”


Rasheeda seems to share her mother’s sentiments.


“Wanda was pretty strict with me growing up, but she was a great mom regardless,” Rasheeda said. “I’m so glad that we get to have this bond now.”


“Did she just have the nerve to call me by my first name?” added Wanda.