Woman Worries July 4th Trip Will Be Misunderstood as an Endorsement of USA

Recently, Tucson resident Carol Finler decided she was in dire need of a vacation and booked a trip to Hawaii during the week of July 4th. However, moments after she booked her flight, she began to worry that her getaway could be misconstrued as an endorsement of the United States and its current administration.


“I haven’t gone on a trip in over three years, and my office is giving us paid days off that week,” says Finler. “But now I’m worried that everyone will think I want to celebrate this ‘holiday’ when really I voted for Hillary and I’m devastated daily at what Trump is doing to marginalized people in this country.”


“I’ll gladly cancel the trip,” she added, holding up her printed ticket, ready to rip it in half.


While Finler has been dealing with this ethical dilemma since booking her ticket last week, those who know about her situation don’t find it to be a difficult one.


“Carol deserves a trip more than anyone I know. She donates to the ACLU, works tirelessly at her full-time job as an high school administrator, and she volunteers with an organization that teaches incarcerated youths about their legal options,” says Finler’s daughter, Rachel Kennedy. “That won’t be erased just because she’ll be experiencing an iota of enjoyment for the first time since Trump was elected.”


“If anything, her leaving Arizona during that week is an act of defiance, not an endorsement,” says coworker Kenny Walt. “I just hope Carol knows she works incredibly hard and deserves this break.”


Despite attempts to reassure her, Finler’s anxiety surrounding her beach getaway is still weighing on her.


“You know what, no this is ridiculous,” says Finler, to no one in particular. “I deserve this! I work hard and finally have enough saved up. I’m going to Maui and I’m going to relax for a few days.”



“But just out of curiosity I’m going to see how much it would be to change my flight to the next week,” she adds, pulling out her laptop and clicking frantically through her expedia reservations. “It’s official, I’m doing it. I’d rather pay $145 to change my flight, miss four days of work the next week and dip into my 401K than have it seem like I am currently a patriot or condone Trump’s policies.”


Sources confirm Trump will spend the 4th of July at Mar-a-Lago playing golf and eating McDonalds.