‘If They Just Arrested Them, This Would All Stop,’ Says Woman About Not Who You’d Think

 In a shocking display of her lack of critical thought, 27-year-old Carla Cardoza has stated that she thinks a certain group of people should be arrested to stop the protests: but not the group that you’d think.


“I just think that the protests would stop if the protestors were all arrested,” said Carla. “The violence is unimaginable.”


Carla, unable to think of any arrests that would likely end the protests, went on to express her hare-brained opinion – and you guessed it – it’s bad.


“I saw some videos. The protestors just sat back for upwards of eight minutes and watched their peers do serious damage to a community,” said Carla. “You can’t just be complicit in such violence and not expect things to go badly for you.”


“If we had just arrested every single one of them after the first protest, there probably wouldn’t have been any more,” she added, so close and yet so far.


Carla’s Facebook friends agree with her.



“Not every protestor is violent, but a few bad apples can spoil the whole bunch,” said Peter Domingo. “The public wants justice, and justice will only be served when those thugs are put away for good.”


“It doesn’t do any good to just arrest the ones who did the most violence,” said Teagan Lopes-Callahan. “Every single one of the perpetrators needs to be put in prison. Then the protests would finally stop.”


“And going forward, I think this country needs to take a good long look at the violent legacy of its protestors. Nothing will change until we do!” Teagan added.


When asked if she has any other ideas as to who should be put in prison to stop the protests, Carla was at a loss for words.


“I just think they should lock up the bad guys,” she said. “And in the case of George Floyd, the bad guys are obviously the protestors.”


“Put the other three cops who stood by and watched George Floyd be murdered in prison and the riots will stop. It’s so fucking simple,” said a passing pedestrian, on his way to a protest.