‘Thanks, I Forgot Where I Got It!’ Says Woman Who Got It At Aéropostale

When Lisa DePalma arrived at brunch this weekend in a cute top, friends had to know where she got it.


“Thanks! I forget actually,” said DePalma, who knows full well she recently bought it at the past-its-prime teen clothing store, Aéropostale.


“It’s so weird,” says friend Emma, who was taken in by the simple, ribbed white top. “Usually if Lisa can’t remember she’ll show me the tag, and even let me know what size she got for reference, but she was being super shady and just changed the subject.”


“I think it’s vintage or something. The tag is probably gone,” said DePalma, recoiling from her friend, in spite of the fact that the shirt looks very clean. “Anyway, how was your week?”


“Her story just wasn’t adding up,” says another friend, Amy Falsado. “The shirt is brand new.”


Some speculate that DePalma went to Aéropostale on her lunch break, as it’s the only retail shop within walking distance from her work. Her behavior indicates that she knows deep down the store is indeed lame, but also that they occasionally carry some decent basics, at reasonable prices.



“It’s gotta be one of those teen stores,” says Falsado. “Brandy Melville or Hollister or something. Lisa is tiny so she fits into that shit. She thinks we don’t know, but we definitely know.”