Zoom Trivia Party Just Doesn’t Hit Like It Used To

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What was once a fun diversion in the early days of the pandemic, Shannon Reed’s weekly Zoom Trivia Party just isn’t hitting like it used to, as the nation spirals into protests, amid massive deaths and civil unrest.


“I tried to include some statistics on police violence this week, out of respect,” Reed says. “But that really backfired. People didn’t seem to be having fun.”


Asked if she might consider packing it in for a bit or just hosting a regular Zoom hang, Reed was insistent on the trivia format.


“I think people need this right now, more than ever,” she says. “Everyone loves trivia night!”


But friends say Reed’s trivia Zoom is starting to contribute to their sense of media overload.


“Answering a question about Carrie Bradshaw or James Madison actually isn’t how I’d like to wind down from all the madness right now, but maybe that’s just me,” says Tara Kane, Reed’s friend. “I’m having a hard time remembering my own name right now.”


All of Reed’s trivia buddies agree that the Zoom Trivia party is not what it used to be.


“At first it was like ‘lol this is so Shannon, what is she up to?’ and we welcomed the distraction,” says Raina Dover. “But now it’s a lot and I hope it stops.”