I Believe God Gave Us All Free Will – Except Pregnant Women

As a Christian woman, I believe that God gave every human being free will – the right of each person to choose between right and wrong. And while I want to help others live a godly life, their decisions are ultimately up to them, and only God can be their judge. Unless that person is woman who is pregnant. In that case, it’s up to the law.


Sorry, the rules are the rules (I make the rules).


Look, we’re all sinners – and who am I to judge anyone for their particular sins? I can only pray that the cheating husband up the street or the woman who stole the enlarged photo of a dead fetus from my front lawn will see the error in their ways. But allowing pregnant women the option to sin extra bad is unconscionable to me. If I leave it to God, how will I know if He will punish her enough in the afterlife? And if I can’t witness her punishment, how will I know that I’m right?


Of course, I’m in no position to judge – except in the case of pregnant women where I feel specifically compelled to judge.


You see, women are endowed with a unique responsibility – the responsibility to endure needless suffering in the name of life at any cost. Isn’t that beautiful? But since we are all given a choice in life, putting this all into legislation will help convict me in the knowledge that my choice is the correct one.



Look, I don’t make the laws here – God does.


From an early age, people told me I would be mocked for my beliefs, but deep in my heart I know that no matter how private, how difficult, or how nuanced pregnancy can be – my faith is very fragile and I do need women around me to be forced to uphold it, no matter the cost.


Someday, these women are gonna thank me for forcing them into not sinning. I’ll wait.