We Asked These Pregnant Women ‘Why?’ And You Won’t Believe Their Answer

We took to the streets to find some answers to the age-old question everyone wants to ask pregnant women: “Why?” If you’re like us, you’ve been digging for the truth to this unsolved mystery since the second you wondered how babies were made. Well, wonder no more, because the team at Reductress is on the case.


“Why? Honestly, that’s a great point. My mom would say it’s because ‘someone has to do it. I guess I never really thought about it until you just asked…” – Lauren, 29, Buffalo, NY


Wow, Lauren. That’s deep!


“Why? Why, what? Is it this shirt? I knew I should’ve worn the blue one today, but this one breathes better and I’ve been sweating like a Fiji water in a Bikram class today. Katie, 34, Durham, NH


Wrong answer, Katie! Talk about BABY BRAIN! You’re a mom and we were asking you why you did that.


“Look, plenty of older women are having healthy babies nowadays and I don’t need your judgment. And no, this didn’t happen naturally which I know you didn’t ask but I could tell you were going to so just lay off, OK? Jessica, 43, Brooklyn, NY


Jessica makes a really good point here!


“All my friends were doing it. Wait—are you asking about the pregnancy, or Coachella? – Courtney, 22, Houston, TX


Courtney looks like a multitasker, so let’s say both!


“After you spend awhile searching for your purpose in life, you just give up and think, ‘I guess our purpose is procreation?’ Who knows. Oh, and also my IUD perforated my uterus and I had to remove it. Jamie, 36, Santa Monica, CA


We’re gonna think on this one for awhile!




“I have seven boys. I really want a girl. This is another boy. Don’t tell me gender is a social construct. Just get back to me in two years. Claire, 38, Cincinnati, OH


WOW. We did NOT see that coming.


“I want to have a child? Is there a better reason? What have most people been telling you? – Brooke, 27, Stamford, CT


Consider us SHOCKED.


Well, there you have it. We’re just as stunned as you are. Catch up with us next week when we ask ten non-pregnant women, “Why?” and really blow all your brains straight out of those lady-skulls.