How to Use Foreplay to Get a Deep Tissue Massage

Finding the money and time to get a relaxing, deep tissue massage can be pretty difficult, and can be even harder if your partner isn’t that excited about giving massages. But if you have a sexual partner with pretty good upper body strength who is motivated by sex, getting a massage might not have to be so hard after all. Before your next sex sesh, here’s how you can use foreplay to get a deep tissue massage, too:


Instead of saying that your back is literally killing you like you usually do, tell your partner that you’re “sooo tense ;)”

This is a great way to get your much-needed massage/foreplay started. Nothing is more enticing than giving your partner an opportunity to say “Wow, yeah, you really are tense, let me help you out with that.” They might not know that you’re craving a massage a lot more than you’re craving sex, but it’s the perfect segue to getting the action your muscles desperately need.


Feel free to moan, even if it’s just from finally getting relief.

Letting out some sensual moans will tell your partner that they’re doing something right, even though they think “doing something right” means getting you hot and heavy, not working out the knots and kinks in your body that have been plaguing you for weeks. Sexy!


Tell your partner to press harder because it turns you on.

If the massage you’re getting feels a little more Swedish than deep tissue, gently urge your partner to press harder by telling them that it turns you on even more, or even that you “like it rough” if you’re more of a Shiatsu kinda girl. If your partner’s really trying to get you there, you’ll probably feel all that tension release right away – and we don’t mean that in an orgasm way.




So if you’re desperate for a massage that also happens to be a way to turn you both on, then heat up your bedroom by using foreplay to get a deep tissue massage. It might actually be the best win-win situation that’s out there! You’re welcome!