How to Incorporate Removing Your Invisalign Into Foreplay

Invisalign is a cutting-edge form of orthodontia that can really change your life for the better, but you may not feel your sexiest with plastic retainers on your top and bottom teeth. If things are getting hot and heavy in the boudoir but you’ve still got those trays in, don’t feel like you have to ruin the moment to take them out. Use these tips to seamlessly incorporate removing Invisalign into your foreplay.


Show your partner how much drool is in there.

If your boo loves sloppy top, then you can totally keep the heat turned on high as you remove your Invisalign, bringing with it a long string of saliva that just won’t seem to break. This sexy move says, “Invisalign actually dries out the mouth since the body responds to it as a foreign object, but once I get this orthodontic appliance out of here, it will be as wet up here as it is down south, in my vagina.” Now we’re talking!


Have your lover remove them for you.

If your sex-mate wants you to suck on their fingers but doesn’t want to feel hard plastic while doing it, then suggest they remove the trays for you. The only thing hotter than getting your clothes ripped off in the throes of passion is getting your Invisalign ripped out. But actually, they really shouldn’t be ripped. They should be removed with light and steady pressure from the molars forward. It’s called safer sex practices, and it’s a turn-on!



Be coy about it.

Even if you’re fully nude, you can keep the anticipation going by pretending your teeth are coquettish little bottoms. Be sure to blush, bat your eyelashes, and say, “They’re shy”, which may prompt your partner to say, “What?” or “I can see your teeth because Invisalign is clear; that’s its whole thing.” Either way things will be getting so freaky you might both bust a nut before the trays can even come out (just not in your mouth! Only water is allowed in there while the ‘Vis is in).


Say goodbye to awkward moments and hello to orthodontic eroticism with these approaches to Invisalign removal as foreplay. Invisalign can also help straighten your teeth!