How to Use a Theragun Without Thinking ‘Okay But What If?’

Recently, the Theragun massage gun has taken the market by storm. Almost everyone wants one, but if you’re lucky enough to get one you might fall victim to thinking “Okay, but what if…?” while you’re using it on your back, arms, or legs. In this case, keep reading below for how to use a Theragun without daring to wonder how it would feel below the belt.


Focus on the actual tension in your body.

No, not the sexual tension– the tension in your poor aching muscles! Focus on that instead of your curiosity about how it would feel on your genitals. The last thing you’d wanna do is use this percussive therapy gun as a vibrator, because you might never feel anything down there again!


Keep your pants on.

No matter how tempted you are to take your pants off while you’re using this deep tissue massager, resist the urge to derobe. You know exactly where taking your pants off is gonna lead you, and it won’t be a good place. The Theragun isn’t one of those massagers that’s a “massager”, it’s an actual real massager that feels pretty close to a human punch, so don’t even think about it!



Think about what the founders of Theragun would say.

If the founders of Theragun saw you jilling off with their massage gun, can you imagine what they’d think? They would be so disappointed in you for using their percussive therapy technology for your sick and twisted masturbatory games. Plus, you wouldn’t even be able to sue them after you break your pubic bone because their gun isn’t even advertised as a vibrator! Now you’re broke two times.


So if you’re excited to use your Theragun to relieve the tension in your body, but you’re wondering how far that can really go, use the tips above to use your deep muscle massager the right way instead of risking permanent damage to your clitoris. Good luck!