How to Go to the Farmers Market Without Being Like, ‘I’m at the Farmers Market!’

As demand for locally grown food and Instagram posts continues to grow, so has the popularity of farmers markets. Going to the farmers market is the perfect way to shop locally for your groceries while fostering a sense of community with all of the neighbors you don’t talk to! Once you’re at the farmers market though it can be really difficult to avoid being like, “I’m at the farmers market!”. Here are some helpful things you can try instead.


Congratulate Yourself

If you’re having trouble walking around your local farmers market because you just can’t believe you’re out, you’re there, and you’re really doing it today, it could be helpful to focus on the fact that you’re an incredible pillar of the community who buys locally and supports small business. You got all the way out of bed to walk around outside even though groceries can totally be ordered online? You’re kinda saving the world.


Interact With the Farmer Who Grew Your Food

Here’s your chance to learn how your food is actually made! You can try something like “So you like, made this? With dirt?” or even “I love flannel!” This probably won’t distract your vibe being very “I’m at the farmers market!” but at least you’ll be on the same page and are both pretty cool just for being there at the famers market.


Make a Friend in Line?

Haha, just kidding.



Tell Everyone

It’s pretty likely that you won’t be able to stop thinking about how you’re at the farmers market when you’re at the farmers market, so why not just send a few texts that start with “Hey, so I’m at the famers market but…” You could even get a head start and start selecting the photos for your Instagram post while you’re pretending to look at seasonal produce. None of this will distract you from the fact that you are indeed at the farmers market but it will circle you back to how amazing you are in general for being there.


Definitely try all of these, but if all else fails you can simply wait for a day when it’s raining even slightly drizzling, because then you absolutely will NOT be at the farmers market. You’re not insane. Shop local!