How to Put Out an Active Fire Even Though Your Cat’s Little Paw Is Gingerly Placed on Your Arm

Everyone should be well versed on fire safety for their homes, which is why it’s important to know what to do when there’s an active fire, even while your cat’s impossibly tiny paw is resting on your arm oh-so-sweetly. Here’s how to manage it in spite of this adorable burden:


Use the tools around you to put it out.

When the cutest little kitty in the world has its tiny paw draped on your arm, getting up out of your position to put out a rapidly spreading fire is obviously out of the question. So instead, try to put the fire out with your feet, or a blanket, or anything that won’t disturb that precious angel on your hand. This will also enable you to use your other hand to cover her mouth because the smoke is getting pretty bad. Aw!! Look at her little toe beans!


Take the cat with you.

If you’ve exhausted all other options, consider picking up the cat and taking her with you to put out the fire so it doesn’t have to move its tiny wittle paw off your arm. But make sure that you don’t move too fast or too shakily that it disturbs your cat, since she is very sensitive and might run away if you disturb her. Waking up your precious feline friend would be so much worse than the fire overtaking your entire apartment building!

If all else fails, call 911.

You might be in a situation where you can’t put out the fire without causing the cat to take its adorable little paw off of your arm, and in that case, since disrupting the cat’s sleep is a total no-go, simply pick up your phone and dial 911. But if your phone is too far away from you where you’re positioned, you should just accept your situation and let the fire do its thing. Whatever it takes to keep your tiny baby comfortable!



No one wants to lose their housing, precious items, or their life to a disastrous fire in their home, but no one wants to disturb a cat whose paw is gingerly placed on their arm either! That’s why it’s imperative that you follow these steps to gently and quietly put out the fire in your home when your cat looks so, so cute right now. But letting the fire overtake you is totally fine too – just as long as the cat makes it out safe and sound!