How to Sublet your Wet Bathing Suit

Let’s face it: You can’t use that suit again until it’s dry. So why not squeeze some dollars out of it in the meantime? In this economy, most people can’t just afford to let potential income slip through the cracks and need to airBNB whatever square footage they can lay claim to. You’ve subletted your bedroom, your futon, your bicycle, your gym membership, and a corner of your office fridge, so go ahead and put that wet bathing suit to good use.


First off, you’ll need to take some HD pictures of your wet bathing suit. Hang it artfully on the towel rack in your bathroom, or ball it up and throw it on your floor—people love shabby chic! A high-quality picture will set you apart from all the other wet bathing suit subletters out there. Just make sure it’s well-lit and roach-free. Potential clients not only want to know what your suit looks like; they’ll also want to see that the person subletting the suit is professional and has their shit together. You don’t want to come off like some weirdo!



Then, make your wet bathing suit a profile on a site like AirBNB or VRBO. List all relevant details, like size, color, boob-pushy-uppy-ness, and brand, so that you can market your soggy bikini to the right audience. Make sure to include a quick, friendly bio—short-term bathing suit sublets are about the joy of human connection! Nothing too in-depth is necessary, just a little note, like, “Hi everyone! I’m unemployed and just took a nap in my sister’s hot tub. Now I’m gonna go watch The Sopranos until I get too depressed. My tankini is wet, so I can’t wear it, but I hope you enjoy it until it’s dry!” It’s also good to list any downsides (slightly see-through, crumbling crotch liner fabric, history of pubic lice) so there aren’t any surprises down the line. The last thing you need is a bad review!


It’s important to respond promptly to all (or any) messages from potential swimsuit subletters. While there are definitely people out there who want to borrow a stranger’s damp sea underwear, they could get away from you if you don’t act fast. If they have questions for you during their rental period, like, “Did someone get their period in these? This was a disgusting idea and a horrible mistake,” they’ll be relieved to know that you’re there to field their concerns!


Once you’ve handed off your soggy clothing to your subletter, kick back and relax while the money flows in! You’ve got 6-12 hours to yourself until that suit is dry, so make the most of it by going outside and enjoying the summer weather—you could even go to the beach—and be able to afford it!