How to Stay Cool When Certain Drugs Make You Fall Asleep

Whether you’re going out with friends or you’re at a kickback, nothing’s less cool than dozing off while everyone else around you is having a great time. That’s why we’ve come up with some foolproof ways to stay cool when certain drugs completely knock you out!


Drink a couple of Red Bulls beforehand.

If you’re afraid of your eyelids getting droopy after drinking a few beers or popping a Xan, then drinking a Redbull or some coffee beforehand should certainly prop you up a little–unless you’re one of those people who actually gets relaxed from drinking caffeine. If so, yikes– keep reading:


Wear sunglasses.

Not only do sunglasses always look cool, but they’re also the perfect way to save face when you’re literally already in a REM cycle. Plus, even if you spill a drink or drool on yourself after you nod off, with sunglasses on, everyone will either think you either did it on purpose, or you just don’t give a fuck! Hell fucking yeah!


Have someone control your arms and legs for you.

Just in case someone calls you over or the party moves locations, getting a trusted friend or two to move your arms and legs after you’ve smoked weed or sipped on some lean can save you from the embarrassing experience of everyone knowing that you’re actually asleep. Because that’s what friends are for!


Convince everyone that it’s actually cool to fall asleep before 9 p.m.

If all else fails, once you feel yourself getting drowsy, just make sure you let everyone know that falling asleep while the sun’s still up is actually very cool and that they’re really uncool for being awake. How can they argue with that? They can’t, especially because you’ll be asleep and can’t argue back with them. Perfect!!!



So if you’re about to take a drug that you know will absolutely send you to sleep, follow these steps to make sure that you’ll still look cool while you’re totally passed out. You could also just abstain from doing any of those drugs, but then you might seem like a total loser!