How to Quit Your Reality Show Addiction by Finding 30 Men Who Will Compete to Marry You

With so many reality TV shows to choose from, it’s no surprise that many of us have found ourselves completely addicted. But if you’re looking to finally break from this toxic pattern and live your life reality-show free, then here are some tips on how to quit your time- and energy-consuming addiction by executing a painstaking search for 30 men who will compete to marry you instead.


Use dating apps.

Before you quit watching reality shows cold turkey, you need to make sure that you have men lined up for you Bachelorette-style, and a great way to do that is to hit the apps! Whether you’re using Hinge, Tinder, or OkCupid, just make sure you’re clear about your intentions, which are basically just distracting yourself from watching new episodes of The Bachelor and maybe getting engaged.


Ask the men you’re already seeing if they’re ready for marriage several times a week.

If you already have some men in your rotation, ask each of them if they’re ready for marriage, or even just an engagement! You’d be surprised how many men are actually prepared to start a family even if they aren’t on a reality TV competition – or maybe you actually wouldn’t because you’ve seen every season of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise.


Find an Airbnb that will house 30+ people and a solid producer.

Once you’ve got all of the men on board, it’s time to find a large place (preferably a mansion) you all can stay in for two to three months. Also, try to make sure it’s as similar to The Bachelorette set as possible and with someone who has a solid handle on creating storylines throughout the experience, or else you might start craving watching the show on Tuesday nights again.




Just like ABC’s The Bachelorette, you’ll need to repeat this process at least three times a year. But don’t fret! You can switch it up by inviting people to Mexico and then all hooking up, or by finding several other women who’d be down to compete with you over one single man! Whatever way you spin it, at least you won’t be watching reality TV!


So if you’re desperate for a way to get out of your reality TV show watching habits, then try out the steps above to get over your reality show addiction by finding 30 men who will compete to marry you — because life imitates art!