QUIZ: Is He Hot or Did He Just Respond to Your Facebook Marketplace Message Right Away?

In this day and age, finding love through the internet is easier than ever before, but sometimes it’s still hard to figure out whether you’re genuinely falling for someone or if they’re just really good at communicating via DMs. If this is something you often struggle with, then take the quiz below to find out if he’s hot, or if he just responded to your Facebook Marketplace message right away.


Based on his profile picture alone, would you go out with him?

  1. Absolutely! He’s a hottie!
  2. Sure, as long as he’s just as responsive in person! I really need to sell this desk.


What do you like about him?

  1. Besides his looks, we actually have a lot in common! We both like “Harry Potter” and “Frogs”.
  2. His space heater is still for sale and he told me less than one minute after I asked.


What’s the hottest thing about him?

  1. He has really nice eyes, hair, and smile.
  2. He’s online right now and was first to respond to my posting selling nine used milk crates.


What would be the perfect first date?

  1. Coffee, dinner, a movie, drinks, or maybe even bowling!
  2. I go to pick up his lightly used gravity blanket (non-smoking!) and he’s already at his front door, ready to hand it over.



Mostly 1s: Congratulations! He’s hot! Who would’ve thought that you’d find love while browsing Facebook Marketplace? When you go to pick up your shit, maybe suggest that you two hang out sometime! It probably won’t be awkward at all!

Mostly 2s: Unfortunately, it looks like this guy isn’t hot; he just has the extremely attractive quality of responding to your inquiring messages right away. Sorry about that! Enjoy your little space heater, though!