How to Quit Vaping Until You See Someone Else Vaping

Vaping is great, but it’s also really, really bad for you (sad!). That’s why quitting vaping is a great thing to do for your health. So if you’ve got your heart set on quitting but not really, then use these tips to quit vaping until, of course, you see someone else vaping and immediately pick it up again.


Resist the urge to vape.

Commend yourself for quitting a really bad habit. Vaping has horrible effects on your health, like heart disease, cancer, and the infamous popcorn lung. You really shouldn’t be doing it, even though you’re kind of stressed right now and would feel really good if you just took a lil’ puff… Wait, no! You should just throw your vape away. Or maybe give it to someone else. Or destroy it. You know yourself, which means that you might actually fish it out of the trash can if given the chance.



Meditation has been found to help people who are trying to quit addictive substances. So when you have some free time, try getting into a relaxing sitting position and focus on your surroundings. This would probably feel even better if you were vaping during it, but that doesn’t matter! Just be with your own thoughts, even though they mostly consist of how much you want to vape right now.


Distract yourself.

If meditation isn’t your thing, then do the opposite of emptying your mind and just distract yourself by watching TV. This will be an effective method until you see a character vaping and then immediately have to vape. At least you weren’t vaping for a few minutes there!



OK, just check if anyone around you is vaping.

Next time you’re in a social setting, look around to see if anyone else is vaping. If they are, go ahead and ask if they’d be willing to let you hit their vape. Don’t worry, you’re still quitting vaping – you’re just using someone else’s! And that’s totally different. It’s not like you have yours on you or anything. One puff is a lot better than, like, 20 puffs a day, right? Yeah, you might as well just hit theirs again actually!


So if you’re struggling to quit vaping, consider just quitting vaping until you see someone else vaping! After all, it’s totally healthy and guilt-free! Well, you probably shouldn’t be putting other people’s vapes in your mouth, but yeah, definitely healthy in a different way sort of!