How to Not Look at Your Own Face During Skype Sex

In long-distance relationships, keeping your sex life vibrant can be a challenge. That’s where Skype comes in! Couples swear by the app that lets them stay connected with steamy video sex! But beware, when doing the deed, it can be particularly hard not to notice your own weird expressions in the tiny box at the bottom of your screen. Here’s how to not look at your own awkward, sweaty face during Skype sex!



The simple act of breathing will soothe your anxiety about the way you look on camera and during sex. By focusing on your breath, it will be much easier to look at your partner and not at that funky crinkle thing you do with your nose when you’re turned on. Breathing together with your partner is also a very sexy way to get in the mood. And if you do catch yourself looking at the giant pimple on your chin, stop breathing altogether so you can pass out and not see your psycho sex faces anymore!


Focus on Your Partner

Compliment your partner! Tell them what you would do if you were with them. This allows all your energy and focus to shift from your own rotund face to their gorgeous body. But be careful when your partner inevitably compliments you back: that may send you into a deep hole of over-analyzing the way your pursed lips and flabby chin look through a high-def computer camera. Whoever said this was supposed to be fun was wrong!



Light the Room Differently

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to light your room with warm and flattering lights! Still, with improved lighting, you still may be tempted to look at the way your mustache gleams in this new bright light. To rectify these insecurities simply turn off all the lights in your room. Now it’s like you’re on a phone call!


Use these tools to help you enjoy Skype sex instead of spending the whole time realizing how bad you look during sex. And if these don’t work, just break up with your partner! No one is worth this constant humiliation!