4 Podcasts To Say You’re Listening to When You’re Actually Listening to ‘Seasons of Love’ Again

There are so many entertaining and educational podcasts to choose from these days. But with all that great content out there, you could always just take a break and listen to “Seasons of Love” from the award-winning Broadway musical Rent on repeat instead. That song is so catchy! Instead of being left out of any conversation about podcasts, here are four podcasts to pretend you listen to consistently when all you ever listen to is the rock musical anthem “Seasons of Love.”


The Daily

This popular educational podcast hosted by The New York Times’ Michael Barbaro gives you all the news you need to know for the day. Of course, you won’t actually know what’s going on politically because you’re too busy measuring your life in love! So drop The Daily in your next podcast convo, and if someone asks you what you think about a specific segment, just answer, “Remember the love!” and keep boppin’!


This American Life

When in doubt, just pretend you consistently listen to This American Life hosted by Ira Glass. You’ve probably heard the title, but have never actually listened to the show because why would you listen to that when you can listen to Tracie Thom’s solo in the film-version of the four-time Tony-award winning musical. This American Life? More like this bitch can sing!


NPR’s Code Switch

Tell people that you’re currently listening to ‘Code Switch’ from NPR. This podcast gives insight into conversations about and issues of race and identity. Sure, Rent tackles important issues like poverty and the AIDS epidemic, but honestly, you, a white girl who went to musical theater college, don’t really think about when listening to your favorite riffs on repeat!


West Cork

Nothing’s better than a true-crime podcast, or so say other people who aren’t asking the hard questions, like, “How do you measure, measure a year?’ You measure it in cups of coffee, okay?


These four podcasts are perfect for when you want to say you’re listening to a great podcast and not just ‘Seasons of Love’ again. Maybe you’ll listen to a podcast next year. In five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes.