6 Movies on Netflix That Will Help Kill Time Until That Little Women Movie Comes Out

With so many movies to watch, it can be hard to know which ones to pick! That’s why we’ve rounded up six of the best romantic movies currently available on Netflix, all of which should adequately kill a bunch of time until whenever Columbia Pictures releases that new Little Women movie. These romantic period dramas should satisfy your urge to see beautiful women wearing funny dresses and sporting elaborate updos, at least until you can finally feast your eyes on the ideal version, in Greta Gerwig’s Louisa May Alcott adaptation.


Cold Mountain

This Civil War-era romantic drama starring Jude Law and Nicole Kidman is a great option to tide you over until the Civil War-era romantic drama you actually want to see comes out in 2019. Though it may not star Saoirse Ronan as a lovelorn teen navigating war and heartbreak in 1800s Massachusetts, it does have melodrama and wartime scrimping, so that should do for now.


Finding Neverland

Finding Neverland follows the romantic tribulations of a young J.M. Barrie, and it’s the ideal thing to have on while you think about who might play Beth in Little Women. Finding Neverland will surely tug at your heartstrings, but not rip them out completely the way Greta Gerwig’s Little Women adaptation surely will.



Steven Spielberg’s period piece following the trials of Abraham Lincoln attempting to pass the 13th amendment should do a fine job filling some of the time between now and whenever Little Women comes to theaters. Did you know Timothée Chalamet is in talks to star in Little Women too? Could this movie sound any more perfect??


The Duchess

Keira Knightley is not Saoirse Ronan, but she does wear beautiful outfits in this baroque period piece, so it should scratch that itch for you for at least a little while. We know, it’s not quite the same, but if you squint and don’t think too hard you can almost pretend you’re watching Meg at a party in Little Women.



Carol is one of the best movies of the past few years, and it’s the perfect film to watch on Netflix as you wait for Little Women to come out. It’s romantic (like Little Women), it has complex, interesting female characters (like Little Women), and it’s a love letter to a lost time (like Little Women). Little Women!


Anna Karenina

This marks Keira Knightley’s second appearance on this list. And while she still may not be as delicately innocent looking as sweet, sweet Saoirse Ronan, she does sport some incredible old-timey hairstyles in this film based on Leo Tolstoy’s classic novel. Speaking of classic novels, Little Women is based on a classic novel. God, we can’t wait for Little Women.



These are the 6 best movies to watch on Netflix as you kind of putter around waiting for the greatest movie of all time to come out early next year. If you really need tiding over, check out the 1994 version of Little Women on iTunes! After all, what better way to kill time waiting for Little Women than by watching Little Women?