QUIZ: Is He Into Black Women or Does He Just Feel Weird Going to Afropunk by Himself?

With music festival season in full swing, it’s important to ask yourself the tough questions: Should I spend the extra money for VIP tickets? Will it be worth it to try to sneak a joint in? Is this white guy I’m dating just looking for an excuse to not feel like an outsider in a sea of beautiful black faces? Take this quiz to figure out whether he’s actually into black women or if he just feels funny going to Afropunk by himself.


Has he dated other black women?

a.) Yes, he’s actually dated many other women of color as well.

b.) No, and he keeps bringing up how I’m “not what he usually goes for.”


Does he have any black friends?

a.) Yes, his friend group is very diverse.

b.) No, not even one, and he gets visibly tense if he’s in a room that’s not a majority white.


Did he do anything unusual on your first date?

a.) Yes, he talked a little too much, but I think he was just nervous.

b.) Yes, he asked me which days I was going to Afropunk this year and what stages I’d be watching at any given time.


Has he discussed what kind of music he’s into?

a.) Yes, and we talked about our mutual love for early Green Day.

b.) Yes, but he just read this year’s Afropunk lineup verbatim.


Have you talked about going on another date?

a.) Yes, and I agreed. We had a great time and I’d love to see him again.

b.) Yes, but it’s scheduled for the last weekend in August, which is weeks from now.



If you got…


Mostly A’s

Good news, this dude probably just likes you! Interracial relationships are nothing out of the ordinary these days, and it seems like he’s attracted to all kinds.

Mostly B’s

Yikes, sorry girl. This guy seems like he’s just using you to feel less out-of-place at a music festival that was created to unify and celebrate black identities that fall out of the mainstream. I mean, maybe he’ll at least buy your ticket for you? Could be a win-win!