How to Make Him Want You Like a $200 Pair of Sneakers

The dance of seduction is a nuanced and complex practice. To drive a man wild with desire, you must first get inside of his head and learn what motivates him. You have to become the essence of what he craves, and in the end, we all know men crave expensive sneakers that are cool, sporty, and unnecessarily expensive. Follow these tips and tricks to make him want you like he wants a $200 pair of sneakers.


Look the part.

The best way to look expensive is by simply being expensive. If the Nike Air Foamposite metallic pink sneakers weren’t $230, they would look like a piece of discarded space trash, which honestly, they sort of already do! So make it clear that you’re a costly lady too: if he takes you to the movies, you’re getting popcorn and a drink and then maybe more popcorn halfway through the movie, because you’re as steep to keep as a fancy pair of sneakers!


Make him wait.

If you ever see a horde of men on a sidewalk waiting in line in broad daylight like they’re going into the city’s most exclusive club, chances are they’re lining up to be the first to spend hundreds on some fancy fresh kicks. Emanate the desirability of sneakers by hyping up your date with a ton of promotional materials, then staying hidden for two hours after he arrives. Then, you can reveal yourself to be a prize worth waiting for, just like a multi-hundred dollar pair of sneakers that are only that price because they’re sponsored by a guy who is good at sports. Keep him on his shell toes!



Understand the desire.

Your future boyfriend doesn’t want $200 sneakers because they’re practical. He wants them because he wants to feel like a famous rapper or basketball player, even though he’s not musically or athletically gifted whatsoever. Make him feel like a celeb in the spotlight by stirring up drama in his life and taking candid pictures of him like the paparazzi. He won’t be able to resist you when you give him the same thrill as a very expensive pair of basketball shoes he takes the subway in!


Tattoo a Nike swoosh on yourself.

This one is fairly self-explanatory. Brand is everything, sister!


If you’ve ever struggled with catching the attention and interest of the man you’re crushing on, give any of these tips a try. Soon he’ll want you like he wants a $200 pair of sneakers, and that’s a lot.