How to Make Eye Contact With Your Eyes in The Mirror, Instead Of Your Nipples Like Usual

As a woman, it can be hard to look at yourself in a mirror. It can be even harder to look in the mirror and make direct eye contact with your actual eyes, and not your nipples like you usually do. Even though it feels like nipples were specifically designed to be stared at, here is how to look into your own eyes, and not into those sweet, sweet nips of yours.



Practice makes perfect! And it’s going to take a lot of practice to keep your eyes off your perfect nippies. Try setting aside a few minutes every day to just sit and look into your own eyes in the mirror. Create a reward system so you begin to associate eye-to-eye contact with positive reinforcement. For example, every time you properly make eye contact with yourself, buy yourself a nail polish. And every time you accidentally gaze into those gorgeous nipples, throw a nail polish in the trash. A few weeks of this and soon you’ll be saying, “What nipples?!”


Put a Post-it note on your mirror to remind yourself

If you’re a visual learner, try putting a Post-it note on your mirror that says, “Remember to look at your eyes and not your nipples.” A gentle reminder not to stare at the world’s most beautiful headlights might be all you need to break the bad habit. Having such incredible little teats is a blessing and a curse, isn’t it?!


Wear a graphic tee to remind yourself

Take a cue from every store on the Atlantic City boardwalk and buy a T-shirt that says, “My eyes are up here,” but just for wearing around the house. This clever shirt will remind men not to look at your boobs, but will also remind yourself not to ogle your big sexy nippity nip nips when you look in the mirror. Now that’s body positivity!!


Say a daily affirmation

Every morning, right when you wake up, try saying, “Today I will look at my eyes in the mirror, and not my nipples like I usually do.” You’ll start off your day focused, relaxed and ready to not look directly into the beacons of light that are your fantastic nipples.



Just go ahead and stare at your nipples, ya freak!

None of these working for ya? Well, that’s cause your nipples are amazing and your eyes are sort of just whatever so live your life and ogle your own nippies in the mirror, girl! Yay!!!!


Looking in the mirror can be a challenge when all you want to do is peep your nips. But with these easy solutions, you’ll be remembering you have a face in no time!