Inspiring! This Communications Major Has Avoided Eye Contact Since 2014

In an impressive feat, Elise Hornberg, who majored in Communications at the University of Michigan, has somehow also managed to avoid making eye contact with any of her fellow human beings for the past three years.


We didn’t think it was possible to achieve, but we’re impressed!


Hornberg who is deep in her studies of the various aspects of verbal, written and even nonverbal communication, has somehow managed never to connect with another human via her eyes since graduating summa cum laude last June. Can you believe it? Honestly, we can’t!


When she walks to new job as a digital marketing coordinator, requiring her to reach and interact with many people in creative ways, Hornberg keeps her eyes resolutely fixed on the ground, in what we can only assume is a long-term study of the effects of withholding nonverbal communication. Even when responding to the questions of her colleagues, Hornberg finds objects in the room to attract her gaze, never venturing near the face of the person talking to her. We don’t know how she doesn’t do it!


When we attempted to ask Hornberg what the intent was behind the incongruity between her behavior and her chosen field, she looked past us and darted away, appearing almost not to hear what we were saying. After mumbling something incomprehensible while checking her phone in our presence, we received a text saying, “super awkward, I know.” Her commitment to communication is impressive!



We pressed some of Hornberg’s colleagues to see I they had any insights into her communication style, but most were perplexed.
“Who? Oh the shy girl?” asked one staff member. “I think she hates us.”


But it’s clear that the joke’s on them! This masterful communications wizard is revolutionizing Communications studies and changing the game, one averted glance and mumbled explanation at a time!