How To Be a Free Spirit Even Though You Had a Panic Attack Three Hours Ago

Free spirits do what makes them happy – that’s what makes them so free! And even though you had a huge meltdown that left you clutching your racing heart on a park bench earlier, that doesn’t mean that you can’t catch a bit of wanderlust and go where the road takes you, too! Here’s how to be a free spirit even though you did have a severe panic attack just three hours ago.


Let Go of Obstacles

Whenever you feel self-conscious about how people are perceiving you, make a conscious effort to release that anxiety and just let it pass. Next time you’re at a bar, don’t worry about whether people are judging your romper and floppy hat ­ even if it took everything in you to pull your sweaty, body off the kitchen floor and get out of the house after that panic attack you just had. You made it here alive, now order that Moscow mule because you don’t give a fuck!


Do What You Love

Take time to figure out what it is you love to do, and then to pursue that with a fiery passion. Try to find inspiration in unlikely places: Explore a new neighborhood, or take a pottery class! Sure, just a couple hours ago your clammy face was pressed against the bathroom floor and you were experiencing intense chest pains. You were pretty sure you were dying, but if you just pull it together, you’ve got some beautiful and free-spirited ceramic bowls to enjoy!


Live In The Moment

It can be hard to stay present with the people around you, so immerse yourself in social interactions to bring out the free spirit that’s hiding inside! Next time your friends beg you to come out for wood-fired pizza, accept their invitation even if earlier that afternoon you were hyperventilating in a bathroom stall at work thinking about how you’ll never have a kid or scale any kind of mountain. You’re such a wild child now!



Stay Humble

In order to be authentic, you must keep your ego in check. As you find success in being a free spirit, you may get lost in performing your freedom as opposed to truly experiencing deep self-knowledge. You shouldn’t have trouble staying humble by remembering that earlier you were gasping for air in the dressing room at H&M because their fluorescent lights sent you spiraling into a body-shaming anxiety attack. Way to be an individualist!


Being a free spirit is easier than you think – as long as you can ignore the fact that just a few hours ago you were in the throes of a severe anxiety attack. But use these tricks, and you can convince everyone that you’re the freest spirit ever!