4 LA Landmarks to See Before You Give Up and Move Back Home

Los Angeles is home to many historic and beautiful sites. If you are visiting the city, or have moved there temporarily because you thought this is where the next chapter of your life would take place, there is almost too much to see in a brief stay. These are some of the best landmarks in LA you have to visit before you throw in the towel and move back to your hometown.


The Hollywood Bowl

Make sure you see at least one show at the Hollywood Bowl before you call it quits and move back to Milwaukee. Your story about throwing up in the bathroom while the Killers played “Mr. Brightside” will be a big hit with all of your mom’s friends’ sons you’ll be set up with when you get back home.


Venice Beach

Nothing says #Cali like the beach, and the gritty realness of the Venice boardwalk will make you feel like you’re getting the real LA experience before you pack everything back into your car and drive back to a place with seasons. Make sure to buy a $5 t-shirt that says something like “I Woke Up Like This” so you can wear it to sleep in your childhood twin bed two weeks later.



The Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood Sign is the perfect reminder of your dreams of writing the world’s first truly “woke” sitcom, and hiking to it on your first week in LA will fill you with hope. You’ll have that memory to sustain you when you return home, defeated, after the person you hoped would be your mentor tries to hire you as an unpaid intern. Don’t worry! Everything you ever thought you knew was wrong, but that’s okay!


Getty Museum

Who said Los Angeles has no art or culture? Actually, it doesn’t have a ton and this realization will eventually lead you to decide that New York is really the city for you, you don’t know what you were thinking moving somewhere with so much smog and superficiality. But before you retreat to the East Coast, make the trip to the Getty Museum. It’s a must-see, even if you can only stand Los Angeles for a little while.


Just because your move to Los Angeles is ill-fated and temporary doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your time here by seeing as much as you can. Your parents are happy to have you closer to home, anyway.