This Is How Long the Average Couple Dates Before Tim Decides to Quit His Job and Move to LA

As you start to settle into a relationship with someone, it’s common to wonder what comes next. Sometimes you’ll naturally drift apart, decide to get engaged, or maybe Tim will all of a sudden decide LA is where he “needs to be” and your relationship will come to an end.


A survey of Tims nation-wide has revealed that the average period of time that a couple will last before a Tim just ups and leaves is approximately ten months.


Of course, relationship milestones are different for every couple, but on average, less than a year will elapse before Tim decides his business degree has brought him no happiness and he’s got to get out of Pennsylvania. But hello, I’m in Pennsylvania so, what exactly is that supposed to mean, Tim?



You may be thinking, “Ten months seems like such a short amount of time to date before jumping to the conclusion that LA is a good idea for a life change.” But it turns out, that’s exactly the amount of time the average Tim takes to decide to take the plunge and ruin everything. Who knew!


It’s hard to put a time frame on whether Tim may last as little as eight months or as much as one year before he decides to take the leap, it’s also hard to put a time frame on how long it’s okay to date someone before they pull something insane and end a good thing to “try out acting” in LA on a fucking whim.


Some signs of your relationship coming to a LA-based close could include him not responding to your messages, choosing to hang out with friends over you, or saying he wants to live near a beach and make just enough money to survive. So watch out for these, because I sure didn’t!