How to Get Your Gynecologist to Compliment Your Vagina More

Your gynecologist sees dozens of vaginas every day. Sometimes she’s too busy to notice what’s right in front of her – the singular beauty of your vagina! How do you get her to tell you that, of all the vaginas she’s seen that day, yours is the best?


Scope out the appointment before you.

If you arrive 30-45 minutes early, you can see the vagina-owner scheduled to go in before you. Once you’re in your own appointment, bring her up! “The girl before me sure seemed kind of messy,” you might say. “Is my vagina as messy as hers?” This is a great opening for your gynecologist to make positive comparisons!


Ask questions.

As the old adage goes, you can’t expect what you don’t ask for! Simple questions like, “should I be concerned if my vagina smells and tastes like a delicious dessert?” or, “Would you say my vagina’s color is more rose-colored or more seashell-pink?” Once she starts describing your vagina back to you, she won’t be able to help but heap more praise on it.


Act insecure.

Your gynecologist wants you to feel good about your vagina. Express your real or imagined worries that the folds look weird, or it isn’t tight enough. She’ll be quick to reassure you that your vagina is as adorable as it was the first time she saw you.


Change up your waxing routine.

Think of all the compliments you get with a new haircut. Imagine how many more you’ll get from a new waxing routine! Landing strips and lightning bolts are cliché by now, so try something a little fancier to get compliments out of your gynecologist. Try a smiley face, an animal, or your gynecologist’s initials. She’ll appreciate that you’re thinking about her.



Hum “Your Body Is A Wonderland.”

When she hears this John Mayer classic, your gynecologist should be able to read between the lines that you are ready for her to make comments about your body. If she doesn’t bite, just prompt: “Do you agree that my vagina is a wonderland?”


If you drop these simple hints, and you’ll be leaving your annual appointment with enough compliments to feel great about your vagina – that is, until your next period! Gross!