How to Enjoy This Beautiful Warm Weather Despite the Looming Threat of ‘And Just Like That’ Season 2

The sun is out, temperatures are up, and summer is just around the corner. But as we look forward to a carefree vacation season and the promise of poolside fun, the specter of the next season of HBO’s Sex and the City reboot looms ahead. Here are some tips for enjoying the countdown to summer 2023 even though, according to multiple outlets, that is exactly when And Just Like That is slated to return.


Stay informed.

While it’s important to soak up some sun and celebrate the approaching solstice, it’s also important to stay grounded in the facts. Entertainment blogs confirmed filming on the second installment of And Just Like That wrapped weeks ago, but the exact premiere date has yet to be set. All we know is that the series will return “June 2023.” In the meantime, word from series producers that season two will pack “some major surprises” reminds us to stay vigilant.


Avoid doom scrolling.

As our work schedules wind down, the press cycle for the hotly anticipated second season is only going to pick up. Soon you’ll have all the time in the world to analyze set photos of Carrie canoodling with Aiden (Carrie’s twice-jilted ex who is apparently back for round three, the fuck?) — and that would be a mistake. Instead of spinning in circles wondering what that big, sweet man could possibly have left to give, simply go outside, take in the fresh air, and pretend you never saw those Tony Danza and Sam Smith cameo rumors either.


Plan ahead.

Making exciting summer plans can help you regain a sense of control over your life and enable you to look forward to the future, even though the future is where season two of Carrie and her little podcast lives. Think: a trip to a remote white sand beach where you can unplug, an escape to secluded cabin with no Wi-Fi or streaming capabilities, or even a staycation in a sort of panic room should episode one drop and shit hit the fan so bad that all evacuation routes out of the city become blocked.


Practice radical acceptance.

Seasons change and polarizing-but-heavily-streamed shows return. The sooner we relinquish control and accept all possible outcomes, the better. Miranda returns with bleached brows? Sure. The girls try K? Bring it on. The entirety of season two is just Che Diaz’s fictional pilot? Read me my last rites. I shall face the undertaker without fear.


For better or worse, this is our new normal. So as June closes in, keep this advice on hand. Realistically, we’ll be doing this all over again when the series is renewed for its third season because we all still tuned in anyways. And, who knows, maybe someday Samantha will come back.