How to Cut Your Own Bangs and Then Hide Them Under a Hat So No One Notices

Despite warnings from hairdressers, you can cut your own bangs at home. You just have to follow some simple steps to avoid a disaster, even though you will be ashamed of your handiwork no matter what and will try to hide it under a hat so no one can see.


Make Sure Your Hair is Dry and Dig a Hat Out of the Closet

If you trim your bangs when you have wet hair they’ll end up shorter than you expected, so make sure you cut when your hair is dry. You’ll also want to make sure you dig a big ol’ hat out of the closet so it’s handy when you regret this in five minutes and need to cover it up.


Comb Your Bangs Forward and Ask Yourself if You’re Really Ready to Wear this Hat

Using your fingers or a comb, gather your hair and pull it into the direction your hair would normally fall. Before moving forward, ask yourself if you’re ready to be hiding your chopped up bangs under a hat between now and when you can get to a real hairdresser to fix them.


Cut From the Middle Outward While Picturing Yourself in a Hat

Make small cuts working from the middle to the sides of your bangs. Take your time, trimming no more than a quarter inch at once. You want to get this right. You won’t, though. So picture what you’ll look like in a hat in order to stave off the horror of what you’ve done.


Check to See if They’re Even and Put on Your Hat

Before you put those scissors away, double check to see if your bangs are even. In doing so you will probably overcompensate and make your bangs horribly shorter and shorter. It turns out you have a cowlick that you didn’t really bargain for. It’s too late to do anything else, so put on your hat and try to forget this ever happened. You’ve got at least a month before these will look close to normal.


There—it’s easy! You can trim your bangs without having to head all the way to the salon. Just make sure you have a hat!