5 Protein Smoothies That Will Give You Enough Energy to Log on to Twitter

You’re a busy woman and it probably feels like you’ll never have as much time and energy as you need. Smoothies that are high in protein are a great way for women to pack a lot of high-energy foods into a meal that’s easy to prepare and strong enough to prepare you for going online. These five protein smoothies are the perfect way to consume the protein and energizing nutrients you need to log on to Twitter.


Coffee Protein Shake

You’ll probably need both protein and caffeine to get through another day online. Why not combine them into a smoothie, which you can sip while reading another series of devastating personal stories about the fight for better healthcare coverage? The GOP is trying to ram another bill through the Senate? Take a sip! Mmm, delicious and nutritious!


Berry Chia Seed Smoothie

Chia seeds might be small, but they pack enough protein that you’ll be able to participate in the exhausting ritual of refreshing Twitter for the 38th time today. Prepare a smoothie with chia seeds, juice or yogurt, and your favorite berries before you open the Twitter app, and you might just have enough energy left to do work instead of staring helplessly at a wall. It’s amazing what eating right can do!


Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

This smoothie is as delicious as it is protein-packed, providing you with both the energy and peace of mind you need to venture online. Peanut butter provides the protein you’ll need to read another Twitter thread about climate disasters, while the bananas will give your body enough nutrients to report six men, including the President, for targeted harassment. Superfoods, amirite?



Coconut Almond Smoothie

This rich, creamy smoothie contains enough protein to sustain your social media addiction. The almonds will give you the mental energy to seriously ponder the questions: why am I on this app? Why do I bother? Am I learning or just confirming my own beliefs? Are we all going to die, or will just some of us die? Aren’t almonds amazing?


Healthy Greens Smoothie

Throw some kale, spinach, and almond butter into a blender and pray that Donald Trump won’t tweet today. The nutrients in the greens will give you the sustenance you need to open Twitter, but kale can really only go so far. Better stuff cookies into your face to ease the pain!


Hopefully these protein-based smoothies will provide you with the stamina necessary to scroll through Twitter in the year 2017. Combine them with some turkey for lunch and a healthy salmon salad dinner, and you might be revitalized enough to allow Vox to explain something to you.