How to Resist the Urge to Cut Your Own Bangs

Bang Cutting Addiction

The urge to save money by trimming your own bangs is a dangerous one. Not just any layperson can cut a small portion of hair into a straight line. Attempting to do so could cost you job opportunities, romantic interests, and your overall sense of self-worth. Here’s how to protect yourself from the menacing threat of cutting your own bangs:

Prevent Temptation

Clear your home of all scissors and other sharp objects that could be fashioned into scissors. A woman with scissors in her home is like an alcoholic in a bar.

Avoid Enablers

If there are people in your life who cut their own bangs, cut them out of your life immediately. They may draw you in with their rough-and-tumble charm, funky DIY look, and reckless abandon, but these people are not helping you.

Plan Ahead

Waiting too long to schedule your hair appointment is a gateway to cutting your own bangs. If you expect to live in your current city for the next five to ten years, book appointments every month for that duration.

Distract Yourself

Get away from temptations like mirrors and fashion magazine images of Zooey Deschanel. Go out for a walk, run, or other non-bangs involving activity and you’ll instantly feel calmer.


Release Your Bang-xiety

Scream or punch a pillow, if you’re bangs are really getting to you. Journal about the urges you’re having.

Get in Touch with Your Higher Power

Once you have an enduring, external sense of support, you can transcend your destructive desire to cut your own bangs and transform that anxiety into a state of fearlessness, becoming a woman who makes smart, secure hair decisions.

Don’t Trim Your Bangs – NO MATTER WHAT!

Whatever it takes to avoid the deadly mistake of trimming your bangs – do it! Have a responsible, bang-possessor that you can call in your darkest hour.
Remember: bangs should always be cut by a professional stylist. Don’t go it alone!