How I’m Celebrating Black History Month by Reposting My Old Selfies

It’s Black History Month, which means that it’s time to celebrate the Black people who paved the way for us, while also honoring those who are making history today. That’s why I’m taking it upon myself to pay tribute to the contributions Black people have made throughout the years, which for me means reposting my old selfies just in case anyone forgot about them.


Focusing on Black history is especially important this year, with lawmakers actively preventing children in schools from learning about Black people who fought for equality and built our foundations. That’s why I’m making it a priority to distribute my own materials for the public to see this month, including the picture I took a year ago right at golden hour.


Preserving modern Black history is important too!


This month, we need to focus on the icons who were pioneered the arts like Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Jacob Lawrence, and Josephine Baker, those who fought for justice and equality like Martin Luther King Jr, Sojourner Truth, Marsha P. Johnson, and Angela Davis, and the lesser-known Black people who made their mark on the world like explorer Isabel de Olvera, inventor of the refrigerator Frederick McKinley Jones, and me when I totally slayed a graphic eyeliner look in 2021.


Yes, a cut-crease can make history!


I believe that it’s also important to lift each other up at this time, which means that I’ll be reposting the group photos I’m in with my Black friends where we all look amazing. If learning about Black history has taught me anything, it’s that community like this will get us through the hardest times together, and that goes for making a collaborative IG post too.



Of course, I also think it’s important to honor others who came before me and their contributions to the world, which is why I’ll also post a photo carousel of historical figures like Rosa Parks, Audre Lorde, and Harriet Tubman, in between my best selfies from 2019 and onward, of course.


We all deserve to have the spotlight this month!


So, during this Black History Month, I strongly encourage everyone who’s Black to repost their best selfies from the last few years. It’s always important to recognize the people who came before you, but it’s even more important to bring up how snatched you looked on Halloween!