Here’s How the Stick Figure Guy in the ‘Life is Good’ Logo Ruined My Trust in Men

The stick figure guy in the “Life is Good” logo is everywhere: on stop signs, on shirts, and on car rear windshields. In every logo, he’s happy but threatening. Here’s why this so-called “chill dude” made me lose trust in men altogether.


I used to think that the “fun guy” at the party was a good thing – we’d always laugh and then go mountain biking or something like that. But after a lot of growing up, I’ve realized that that “fun” exterior and the constant obsession with outdoor activities hid a darkness l couldn’t possibly have imagined.


First of all, he was always smiling, which should have been a red flag right from the beginning. He also doesn’t have any teeth or just has one insanely huge one, and even after all these years, I’m still not really sure which is true. To make things worse, he’s always wearing sunglasses so I can’t tell what his true emotion or underlying motivation is. Also, he cheated on me with several other women while telling me he was going “rock climbing”.


And it must be said that life can be a lot of different things, not always good. Life can be bad sometimes. And yet this weirdly confident stick figure man would constantly try to brainwash me into thinking that it’s only good? What was he going to gaslight me into thinking next? That him and his ex are “just friends” even though they text every single day?


Also, who seriously golfs that much?


Maybe life is good for him because he’s a man. What’s he smiling about anyway? Misogyny? Seems about right.



Now whenever I see a man, I can’t help but remember all the lies he told me – about life, and about himself. And then I’m like, okay, yeah, what else do all you smug little stick-figure men have to throw at me next? Because of him, every interaction I have with a laidback man sends me into fight-or-flight mode now.


If I could give you one piece of advice, it’s to avoid dating a stick figure who’s constantly playing the guitar.


I may never be able to trust a man again ­– not because I’ve had countless bad experiences and disappointments, but I still see this happy-go-lucky little ghost from my past giving me a thumbs-up just about everywhere I go. It’s going to be a long road ahead, but hopefully someday I can find a man who will stay at home with me on a Saturday night and tell me, “Yes, darling, life is bad, actually.”