Why You Should Never Judge a Person by What They Wear, Unless It’s an Old Navy 4th of July Tee

Now that lockdown is over, we are all spending more time in each other’s company. It’s natural, after all these months in isolation, to have forgotten social etiquette. So, we’re here to help! If the pandemic taught us one thing is that life is short and we all need to spend less time focusing on superficial things like clothes. However, although it is generally unkind to judge people on their apparel, it is totally okay to do so if they are sporting one of those Old Navy 4th of July tees.


Before you go to pass judgment on what someone is wearing, remember that you have no idea what’s going on behind closed doors. You don’t know their story, or how they ended up out and about in that outfit. But with that being said, if it’s around the 4th of July, they’re wearing a 4th of July shirt, and they’re posting it on social media, then you probably do know, and you can go ahead and judge them accordingly. It’s technically possible they lost a bet, but probably not. Besides, there’s really no excuse for wearing this shit ever.


It’s important to remember that clothes don’t paint a full picture of who someone is. They only paint a pretty full picture. And anyone who proudly decides to become a walking advertisement for U.S. imperialism deserves to be socially ostracized. They might as well wear the confederate flag across their chest. Wake up! It is 2021! It isn’t cool to be a patriotic American anymore. And you could argue it’s classist to only be coming for Old Navy patriotic apparel, but to that I say, they’re really ugly.



Suppose you do buy into American exceptionalism, just think about how insulting these bland shirts are to those who sacrificed their lives to “protect our democracy.” They really sacrificed their youth, time with their loved ones, and even some limbs to “protect your freedom” and this is the best Old Navy can come up with? Where’s the innovation and creativity that western capitalism is supposed to foster?


So, although everyone is entitled to use clothing to express themselves, if you see someone wearing an Old Navy 4th of July Tee this summer, do us all a favor and judge the shit out of them – it’s the patriotic thing to do.