I’ve Already Decided to Hate Every Single Photo You’re About to Take of Me, but Please Do It Anyway

It’s always nice to have pictures to look back on, and it’s even more important to maintain a perfect Instagram feed. That’s why I try to take pictures every time I go anywhere or do anything. But today, I’m not really wearing an outfit I like, and I feel kind of bloated, but I still need you to take some pictures of me even though I already know I’m going to hate every single one of them.


Trust me on this.


Recently, I’ve been trying to have the opposite of a loss mentality, which is why I’m setting myself up for success by already deciding that none of the pictures are going to come out good, even though I just gave you my phone to take at least 50 pictures of me in slightly different poses.


Yes, we’re outside of a kind of ugly mall, and not even one that I like very much, I still want you to take the pictures, because who knows! Maybe I’ll look sort of good in one of them, and I can just put a bunch of cute stickers all over the background? I’m still going to talk about how short my legs look no matter what.


And while I don’t trust in your abilities to take photos at all, you’re the only one here with me, so I might as well just give it a shot. Anyway, I can’t take full-body pictures to carefully dissect and ultimately hate every single one all by myself!



I have to at least try to take a good picture, even though I know I’ll delete all of them right when I get home and develop a weird thing about my ears in the process. But I haven’t posted to my Instagram story in a while, and I kind of need to stay relevant, so maybe I’ll use a filter, or put an emoji over my face. After all, this is for my mental health.


Yes, I know that none of them are coming out the way I wanted, but I’m begging you to keep trying. Maybe try getting lower, or taking them from further away? I know at least one of them is going to make me cry regardless, but I’d at least like to have some options to choose from.


So, even though I’ve already decided to hate every single photo you take of me today, please do it anyway. Y’know, just in case!