How I Cut Back on Weed by Using a Bong Instead

Weed can be expensive, especially when you only smoke joints and spliffs because of a severe oral fixation. I used to have a really bad problem with weed, but now I smoke a lot less and feel so much better. How? By simply using a bong instead!


People used to say that my weed habit was a little bit out of control. Clearly they arrived at this conclusion because I ran through so much of it in such a short amount of time. But since I started using a bong to smoke just three to twenty times a day, all my loved ones are so shocked and proud of my strength and responsibility.


While I may be getting high the same amount of times as before, I now have a lot more weed left over, which means I’m finally cutting back and being healthy! And all it took was packing my bowl over and over again instead of rolling up another wasteful, unhealthy joint.


I also have so much time that would’ve previously been used to fold a filter, sprinkle weed inside of a paper, and roll it all up. Now that I strictly smoke out of a bong, I it’s like I’ve gifted myself the opportuntiy to forget what I was just doing, stare at the ceiling, or struggle to read a book! Things are so much better now.



When I tell people that I’m finally cutting back on weed, they’re so relieved! They say things like “That must be so great for your mental clarity!” or “Thank, fucking God. I honestly thought I was going to have call your parents or something.” And when I tell them how I managed to do it, they’re always so surprised, like they never would’ve thought about that before. I get a lot of responses like “Oh… word” or “Cool, so how’s the job hunt going?” It’s so cool that people finally can see I have my life together now!


So if you’re interested in cutting back on weed as well, I would highly recommend taking the leap and using a bong instead! Okay, you will be pretty high actually. I’m actually high right now. Sorry!