Helmet Ruins Woman’s Attempt to Look Cute on Cruiser Bike

Jody Clark, 29, was ready to go for a carefree ride on the boardwalk with her fiancé as part of a romantic picnic date, did not foresee how wearing a helmet would ruin her plans to look cute that day.


“I’d seen so many great pictures of girls on cruiser bikes and I thought this could be our chance,” Jody said, wiping the stringy, sweat-drenched hair from her eyes. “I just didn’t think about how incompatible the helmet would be with my plans to look adorable on a picnic.”



Jody struggled internally with this predicament before deciding to go ahead and risk it and wear the helmet on her ride.


“I’m a safety conscious girl,” says Jody. “But there’s no way I’m ever gonna make that kind of mistake again.