‘Haha Yeah, Impeach Barr,’ Says Woman Who Definitely Knew You Could Impeach Non-Presidents Before This Week     

Murder - Reductress

 US Attorney General William Barr’s role in firing the attorney investigating President Donald Trump’s inner circle has led many to believe that Barr is too corrupt to remain in public office. Among those calling for Barr’s impeachment is local woman Steph Kent, who definitely knew that people who aren’t presidents could be impeached before this week.


“Haha yeah, get that guy out of there,” said Kent. “Impeach Bill Barr’s ass, for sure, that’s totally something that can be done and that I have always known could be done.”


Kent is, as of the last few days, an expert on the politicization of the Justice Department. After learning late last week that Trump had attempted a Saturday night massacre, she quickly Googled “Saturday Night Massacre” and “what does the US Attorney General do exactly,” read three Vox articles, and scrolled past several tweets urging for Barr’s impeachment.


And just to be crystal clear, she always knew that non-presidents could be impeached.


“Impeachment is the process by which a legislative body levels charges against a government official,” said Kent. “Any government official. Obviously.”


When told that what she’d just quoted the first sentence of the Wikipedia article on impeachment verbatim, Kent refused to make eye contact and mumbled something that sounded like “parallel thinking.”


Kent is an expert on whatever everyone is an expert on during any given week. She is well-versed in British teens’ tweets about parliamentary politics, is very familiar with a TikTok explaining the Hong Kong protests, and she knows exactly why one blogger thinks an obscure statue in Chattanooga, Tennessee is problematic.



Kent’s sister admits that she often feels insecure about her comparative lack of knowledge. “It’s like Steph knows everything about every subject,” she said. “But whenever I come over to her house, she’s just playing Words With Friends while watching old episodes of The O.C. Was there something in that show that I missed?”


When asked about her current feelings on the Barr situation, Kent was pessimistic, yet extremely confident. “Oh, Barr’s obviously never going to get impeached,” she said. “But just because the Senate is corrupt. Not because it’s not a thing.”