Group Halloween Costumes You Don’t Have Enough Friends For

Halloween is coming up, which means it’s time to pick a costume! If you’re really looking to impress, switch it up with a group costume. Whether you want to go sexy or funny, here are some group costume ideas that you simply don’t have enough friends to pull off.


All the Characters from Clue

The classic board game has six characters, so you might have to fight with your friends over who everyone gets to be! Or you would be fighting over parts if you had any friends to fight with. More realistically, you’ll rope one or two of your friends into it so you’re rocking Professor Plum, Miss Scarlet and Mrs. White. Ugh, what’s the point of even dressing up — maybe you should spend that time finding some friends?


Roller Coaster Riders!

Using cardboard to form the seat and a pool noodle as the straps creates the illusion that you are riding a roller coaster. How creative! This costume could gain a lot of attention, especially if you get a large group to participate. Haha, just kidding. You’re not gonna be able to pull it off, since you’ve sort of lost touch with Bethany and Jen. Oh well, who needs them? You can ride a roller coaster alone, but lugging that cart around without three extra people will be tough.



101 Dalmatians

This is a cute and easy costume idea! Attach black spots to a white t-shirt and get a dog ear headband! A large pack of people is necessary to really get the 101 Dalmatians theme across, but since no one wants to do it with you, you’ll have to just be a single dog. That’s still cute, sort of! Cute, but lonely.


The Breakfast Club

The crew from everyone’s favorite ‘80s movie also makes the perfect Halloween costume idea. Are you the Jock, the Nerd, the Criminal, the Princess, or the Basket Case? Well, since you don’t have enough friends, you’ll have to be all five!


Rock, Paper, Scissors

Okay, you can find two friends, right? Two fucking friends? Get cardboard and paint to create simple costumes that depict this childhood game. Have you found two other friends for this costume yet? Oh, for fuck’s sake.
Halloween is the perfect time to let your creativity flow. If you had more friends, you could rock one of these awesome group costumes, but it’s looking like it will be another year with a boring, stand-alone costume for you. Good luck out there, you soulless pariah!