Easy Weeknight Meals That Are Just Whatever’s At The Bottom Of Your Purse

Life is full of having to get things done — how can you find the time to prep and eat meals? When weeknights are just too busy for you, try putting together some of these quick and tasty meal options that are just whatever is at the bottom of your purse.


6 Protein Bars

You always toss a protein bar in your purse for a post-workout treat. But since you always leave your workout class and go straight to get a burrito, those protein bars are all still in there getting mushy at the bottom of your purse. One is a healthy snack, so six must count as a healthy, balanced meal, right? Just make sure not to eat the one that somehow opened up on its own.


Three Laffy Taffys

Three Laffy Taffys that melted and fused together are a quick and easy thing to eat near dinnertime and call it a meal, kind of. If there’s ever an opportunity for you to put some forethought into your meal, spend your Sunday planning which Laffy Taffy flavors will combine for the best results. Remember always: banana is a nah-nah!



The Leftovers You Forgot About

Leftovers are a great way to save money and time. Lucky for you, you forgot to take the doggy bag from last night out of your purse, so it’s still in there, and there’s definitely some cheese in it. An entire half of a meal that’s already been prepared just the way you like it, made soggy by spending hours in a warm purse! Finally, you’re getting this life thing right!


One Almond

Who knows how it got there, but this protein-rich snack must’ve found its way into your purse for a reason! Dust off that single roasted almond that was mixed up with a bunch of coins and pop it in your mouth for a quick and filling snack on-the-go, because hey, this is what your life has come to and you might as well accept it.



Receipts are full of fiber and taste just like celery, so they count as negative calories! Remove the receipts carefully so as not to spill the big pile of crumbs that has accumulated on top of them and you’ve got yourself a whole new flavor profile! Guzzle this down without thinking too hard about what you’re doing and you won’t be hungry for long!


Next time you’re crunched for time but still have to feed yourself, scrape your fingers along the bottom of your bag and suck out anything that accumulates in your fingernails. It’s gross and potentially dangerous, but at least it’s quick and easy!