4 Face Masks to Undo Summer Sun and Psychological Damage

The summer months are full of fun – beaches, bridal showers, and brunch – but all that can take a toll. As much as we love the sun for its Vitamin D and the sun-kissed glow it gives us, it also does damage, physically and psychologically. So try these soothing facemasks to sooth your tender skin and your sense of inner calm.


Oatmeal, Lemon, and Olive Oil

This refreshing facemask has oatmeal for exfoliation and restoration, lemon to brighten up those sunspots, and olive oil to nourish heat-weathered skin. And maybe if you slather it on, you’ll forget about the fact that you just spent three months trekking around a hot garbage mess of a city, your thighs rubbing together like they’re trying to start a forest fire in the most extreme form of self-torture man could devise. Those shorts seemed like such a good idea when you were getting dressed but now you need healing for your chafed thighs, and therapy to combat the toxic desire for thigh gap.


Yogurt and Banana

It might sound like a smoothie recipe, but this yogurt and banana blend will do wonders for your tired summer skin and your deteriorating psychological state! The yogurt has gentle lactic acids that help the skin shed its top layer of derma, and the enzymes in the banana help the skin naturally restore itself. And just maybe, as you squeeze that banana out of its peel, you’ll get a brief respite from thinking about all the times this summer where Megan invited you for a beach day with just three sets of couples and you stepped on a piece of glass and had to take an Uber to the hospital because you still haven’t had your tetanus shot? It’s fall now – time to let that shit go!


Green Tea and Chamomile

This mask is great for calming down stressed-out skin as well and all those times you were harassed in public to the point where you asked yourself, “Am an actual piece of meat or am I just going insane?” Chamomile acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, soothing your skin and your psyche as you try to block out every time a man felt the need to approach you on the street as though he’d never seen a crop top. There, there. It’s all going to be okay.



Raw Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar

The natural antibacterial properties of honey will help heal any sweat-induced acne, and apple cider vinegar will restore the skin’s pH and leave you feeling smooth and refreshed—unlike when you had to have a full five-minute conversation with Hot Max while your shirt was soaked with perspiration. This healthy combo will help your skin and hopefully put a dent in the tremendous damage that that experience had on your psyche.


These masks are perfect for soothing tired, sun-damaged skin, and also for making yourself forget the three months of self-consciousness that comes with showing your skin. And remember the silver lining: you wont have to worry about any of this for at least another seven months!