4 Pool Parties to Attend When Your Period Is Almost Over But Not Quite

Just when you think your period is over, it can come back for an encore presentation. You shouldn’t stop living your life just because your period is sort of over but not all the way there. Here are the best pool parties to enjoy when your period is over, but not so over that it won’t decide to make a surprise reappearance in a really weird way.


Brad’s Sports n’ Shorts Par-tay

You’ve hooked up with Brad befire, but he’s never been one to reach out, so this invite is definitely a signal he’s ready for action! Get out your itsy-bitsy bikini and arrange yourself seductively on a poolside lounger where your period will come back with a vengeance as soon as you stand up. Pool party!



Tiffanys Insta-Swim

Tiffany’s pool parties are legendary, and troublingly, this one’s theme is “White”! You can guarantee there’ll be a constant stream of uploads throughout the party so be sure to accessorize with body art, a cocktail, and a giant red towel for the triumphant reprise of your bleeding vagina.


Your Parent’s Friend’s Hawaiian-Themed Lunch

It’s a middle-aged affair, so opt for a conservative one-piece—with a daring neckline in case anyone’s hot son makes an appearance. Enjoy a white wine spritzer and relax: Your period is over and these are old family friends who saw you in diapers—they aren’t gonna see anything! Oh wait. They just did. You still have your period and you’re bleeding all over Sharon’s linen seat covers. Why do you do this every time?


Your college friends’ “Still Young AF Party”

It’s time to start juice-fasting because you’re meeting up with your college friends and you want to make them low-key jealous of your bod. Relive the fun of college and embrace the carefree you of yesteryear… and just when you least expect it, get ready to relive the horror of being so young you don’t know that your period is over, but not like, over-over. Just like old times!


Pool parties are super fun, and your period is almost over, so forget your cares and enjoy! But remember, whether it’s a drop, a dribble, or a full-on tidal surge, your period would like you to know that it’s almost gone but not quite!