Gillian Anderson Initially Offered Craft Services Position on New X-Files Show

It was reported earlier this month that Gillian Anderson was initially offered only half what David Duchovny would be paid for the new X-Files series on Fox. But what the article failed to mention is that she was initially offered a position at the craft services food truck in addition to her leading role.

“I was surprised, but I also wasn’t,” said Anderson, whose groundbreaking portrayal of FBI Special Agent Dana Scully from 1993 to 2002 inspired hordes of young women to enter the sciences. “Fox pulled a similar stunt after the third season, when they sought to demote me from series regular to PA.”



“It was always like this,” said Anderson. “Nobody ever asked David [Duchovny] to arrange the little plastic spoons on the condiment cart or for him to try a take just being silent without saying any of his lines. But that’s just the way it is for women in Hollywood.” It should be noted that Anderson refused to make a latte for this reporter, despite the crew having subtly placed a Nespresso machine next to her during the interview.


Executives responsible for the show mostly declined to comment, other than to say that David Duchovny was technically the bigger star, and that women are just better at “food stuff” than men. But a source close to the show did offer some insight into the attempted pay disparity.


“Look, it would be absurd to ask David to make the meatballs for all the PAs and everything. He’s got a show to do. And I don’t even know if David eats meatballs. I think he’s a vegetarian, or a vegan or something. Anyway, Gillian looks better in a hair net. It just makes sense.”


The source confirms that one time Anderson handed him a tangerine and she was “good at it.”



Through a series of private negotiations, Anderson is now making the same money as Duchovny for the series and not working at craft services, a development that many applaud. But as a part of the negotiated deal, she still has to taste the sauce and offer seasoning suggestions between takes.


“I think it’s a fair bargain,” said Anderson. “Well, actually I don’t, but it was the best I was going to get. I have a really good agent.”


The third episode of the six-part series airs this coming Monday at 8/7c on Fox.