Madonna’s Rapist Offered E-Book Deal

Madonna Rapist E-Book Deal

Following Madonna’s Harper’s Bazaar article where she reveals she was raped at age 20, Madonna’s rapist has identified himself and has since sparked a bidding war between major publishers for the rights to his memoir.
After turning down Random House and HarperCollins, Doug Schneider of White Plains, NY accepted Amazon’s offer to publish his story as an exclusive e-Book for $2 million. Despite calls for his immediate arrest by anti-rape organizations and Madonna herself, publishers continued to pursue Schneider for what one publisher called a “can’t miss” opportunity.

“He’s sitting on gold here,” said James Spark, Schneider’s literary agent. “Raping Madonna ended up being the smartest thing this guy ever did.”
Schneider has not made any comment on the deal, but has addressed the controversy by posting photoshopped images of himself with Madonna, set to her songs, on his YouTube account.
At press time, four other women have come forward claiming to have been raped by Schneider and each is shopping their own book deal as well.