Rumors Started On The View Are “Baseless Garbage” Says Cast of The View

The View

With the departure of Joy Behar and Barbara Walters’ impending retirement, rumors are swirling about who might take their places at the table on The View. These rumors, which are regularly, resolutely, and industriously circulated by the ladies of The View, are regularly and resolutely denied by other ladies on The View.
This past week, newbie Jenny McCarthy mentioned how she hoped Bette Midler would serve as Joy’s replacement. Shepherd said she’d “personally love to see Hillary Clinton join up” and that Hillary was “a very real possibility.” Lastly, Goldberg stated that Oprah “has considered” replacing Walters. The panel proceeded to have a seven minute conversation about what this all means for women in the media during their “Hot Topics” segment.
Walters immediately cleared the air in the next segment by saying, “There are all kinds rumors going on about who may join the show. We’re hearing things about Bette Midler; someone else had the stupidity to suggest Hillary Clinton, like she doesn’t have anything going on. And people are getting in a tizzy about Oprah replacing me!”
Shepherd added, “Yeah, where do people get this stuff!?” Goldberg and McCarthy nodded on, incredulously. Walters continued, “With all due respect to our friends Bette, Hillary and Oprah, these rumors are categorically false, and could only have started on some tripe, gossip-mongering, smut-spewing program!”
Walters received a standing ovation from her panel and then continued, “Alright, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get back to the some serious business: which Kardashian is going to replace me?