Eddie Redmayne Talks About a Movie in a British Accent and It’s the Cutest Thing Ever

Eddie Redmayne has us swooning all over again: In a recent interview on his press tour for The Danish Girl, he chatted with a reporter in—no, really—a British accent. Like a Brit!


Clips show the actor playfully responding to a fairly standard question about his acting technique in a very surprising and playful way—by speaking in a British accent! Call the fire department, because our ovaries are burning!



For Eddie to give an interview in his own native dialect? Adorable! All the Oscars.


When he busted out the ‘ccent without warning in a press appearance, the reporter, Jean Liasson, was as aghast as we are. “Oh my god, stop. Be serious,” she said, before giving in and playing along with the whole thing. “Okay, Sir Redmayne—is that what I should call you?!”
Redmayne responded in perfect-pitch character with, “I’ve never been knighted, so no.”





2016 is already off to a great start for the incorrigible cad Eddie, who’s expecting a son with his beautiful wife, Hannah. We bet they’ll dress him in a little king outfit! But hopefully, being a “dud” (British for “dad”) won’t keep him from too many press tours! We sure would miss his antics! We might as well all dump our boyfriends now.


Can someone find out where Eddie Redmayne lives so we can put him in a jar and force him to answer questions in that mirthful, supple, British way of his?!