Guys Name Their Favorite Part of Sofia Vergara’s Body

In our perfection-obsessed society, most women are plagued by insecurities about their bodies. It’s tragic, because the female form is a gorgeous, sensual mystery made up of lots of beautiful body parts of all shapes and sizes. That’s especially true when those body parts belong to world-famous actress, comedian, model, television host, and producer Sofia Vergara!


Unfortunately, you’ve been spoon-fed by the media to assume that guys only obsess about the uber-sexual parts of Sofia Vergara’s body, like her internationally renewed badonkadonk, her perfectly sculpted cleavage, or her orthodontist’s-wet-dream smile. Well, you’re wrong! We surveyed some real men and discovered a wide range of nuanced opinions about which parts of Ms. Vergara are the hottest. Get ready to question your (and society’s!) definition of “sexy”, because these guys’ answers are not what you’d expect.


  1. The small of Sofia Vergara’s back: “I’m a total sucker for the small of Sofia Vergara’s back. It’s like it was made to fit my hand, specifically. Man, I just go crazy when I see it on my TV!” –Gary B., 29


  1. Sofia Vergara’s quadriceps: “I love how long and toned her quads are! But please, Sofia, keep them shaved! None of that only-below-the-knee nonsense! Guys are super visual creatures; we NOTICE. Especially when you’re on a Diet Pepsi billboard near my parents’ house.” –Rey T., 31


  1. Sofia Vergara’s collarbone: “Girls always assume that all guys obsess over Sofia Vergara’s boobs like a Neanderthal. It’s insulting! I’m way more into Sofia’s collarbone, especially the left one. It gives her an elegant ladylike power, which makes sense because she was named the 32nd most powerful woman in the world by Forbes. That’s sexy! Almost as sexy as her collarbone! Mm-mm!” –Francis H., 27


  1. Sofia Veraga’s hair: “I go nuts when I see Sofia Veraga play with her soft, flowing hair. It feels like she’s just begging me to touch it, even though I obviously can’t, because she’s being interviewed about her Primetime Emmy nomination on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Bummer!” –Dave S., 34


  1. Sophia Veraga’s hands: “I love Sofia’s hands because they look so soft and satiny, and her nails are always neatly manicured. At this point in my life, I need to be with someone who values and takes care of her appearance because she regularly works on camera.” –Dave T., 41


  1. Sophia Veraga’s eyes: “Sofia’s eyes disarm me. They’re so mischievous! I’ve always felt like Sofia Veraga, the highest-earning woman in American television, is keeping an incredibly sexy secret from me, especially in this one scene from Season 6, Episode 3 of Modern Family! What is it, you cheeky minx? Tell me over drinks?” –Greg O., 28


  1. Sofia Veraga’s brain: “People assume that all men are shallow, but to me there’s nothing sexier than the female brain—especially when that brain lives inside one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People of 2011!” –Charles W., 22


As you can see, every guy has his own unique opinion about Sophia Veraga’s assets. Let this serve as an important reminder that every part of her womanly form is imbued with divine beauty and grace! Take that, beauty standards!