Fun Day Trips You Won’t Fully Unpack From Until Three Weeks Later

You don’t have to go on a long, expensive vacation to have a little fun in the sun this summer! No matter where you live, there are plenty of destinations that take just a few hours of travel, followed by many weeks of forgetting to take that sandy blanket out of your car after the trip. Here are some amazing day trip ideas that will take you approximately three weeks to unpack from:


A Picnic By The Lake

Find a picturesque spot in your area, grab a few friends, and pack up a nice lunch to eat outdoors. A lakeside picnic is the perfect way to ensure that a wedge of brie is left to bake in your car for five days or so, your good underwear remains in your weekend bag for a month, and the beer can you’ll find in your bag the next week will bring the memories of your lovely day rushing back!


A Hike In The Mountains

If you’re the outdoorsy type, driving a little farther than usual to go on a hike with a view is a good way to get some exercise and have an adventure. After hiking for miles, you will continue your heroic streak by remembering to leave your backpack full of water bottles, wrappers, and a map on your kitchen counter untouched, for weeks on end. This is what summer fun is all about!



A Drive Into The Desert

If you have it available to you, going on a long drive into a beautiful landscape can be an inspiring way to spend your Sunday. But once you get home, it’s basically Monday and you definitely deserve a rest, so like why even bother emptying any of the fried chicken carcasses you left in the car from lunch, or really anything else you packed for that day, either?


A Day At The Beach

Even if you live hours away from the beach, it’s worth it to take a day off and head to the ocean. Just remember to pack your sunscreen, lots of water, an umbrella and a super wet, sandy towel that will almost certainly remain in your car for weeks to come. And as for the sand? The sand will never truly go away and you can’t control that!


A low-key day trip can be a great way to break free of the monotony of everyday life, and you don’t have to spend very much time on planning, or literally any time unpacking. While a fun outdoor adventure in a totally different landscape can only take a few hours, the amount of time it takes you to clean up after can last a lifetime.