Friends Spend So Much Time Together, Their Targeted Ads Sync

In a heartwarming story coming out of Fairfax, VA, best friends Tamara Carrey and Mariah Washington have been spending so much time together that their taregted ads have started to sync.


Aw, friendship goals!


“Our ads used to look completely different,” Mariah told us. “I would get so many for knock-off Crocs, and Tamara kept getting them for online therapy.”


However, this all changed when Mariah and Tamara hung out for four consecutive nights, where their search histories and cookie settings finally synced up.


“Now, we both keep getting targeted ads for personalized vitamins,” Tamara said. “Which doesn’t really make a lot of sense, since we both aren’t really interested in them, but I guess you can’t argue with the algorithm!”


“Just yesterday we went to a bookstore together,” Mariah recounted, “And then afterwards we kept getting the same ad for Sarah Rooney’s new novel, Beautiful World, Where Are You!”


“It was so weird, and it honestly felt like an invasion of our privacy,” Tamara said. “But it was still kinda sweet, I guess!”


These synched ads have had a huge effect on the two’s friendship as well.


“Now it’s so easy to know what the other person is thinking,” said Mariah. “Mostly because now I know when Tamara’s being convinced that she wants an insanely priced and designed choker necklace made with twenty different materials.”


It’s always nice to have something in common with your bestie, even when it’s simply because a corporation wants you to buy their product and knows exactly where you are at all times.


“It’s also made it easier to check in with each other,” Tamara said. “Like when I saw an ad for customizable Twilight merch, I knew it was time to see how my friend Mariah was doing.”



“Yeah, I really needed that,” Mariah said. “I was in a really dark place. Thank you, Instagram!”


We hope that these two keep up their streak of receiving the same ads as each other, even if they never buy any of the products. It looks like social media can bring people together after all!